First Firefox Clinic in Bangladesh ! Exciting enough!

I need to admit, at first the context of the event was a bit different. Our initial plan was to encourage people of BRAC University to download and use Firefox and let them know about the importance of privacy and openness of web. Then suddenly some general accusation against Firefox (I mean the desktop browser. I will mean the same throughout the article.) came to my mind, “It is slow as hell”,“It crashes everyday, always”,”Started to use blah browser, it’s much better” etc. I am a student of computer science, most of my friends too. We use a lot of developer tools like Android Studio and no other browser performs better than Firefox along with these tools. Any developer will admit it. So, where’s the problem?

I called Ashikur Rahman Noor, Noor bhai of mine, on phone just the night before. I told him my plan, he added more idea to it and proposed the name, “Firefox Clinic”. I liked the idea so much that, the agenda of the event turned into a real-time support for Firefox.

We set up a booth for the event in one of the crowded place of our campus, lobby of building 3. Students of all of the departments passes by this place once in a while. We kept the booth there from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm and almost 15-18 people shared their problem regarding Firefox with us. Before the event, I assumed there might be a lot of complain regarding crash or slow browser problem. So, we kept printed copies of two support articles: regarding crash and being slow. Well, the result was somehow expected.

The problems that we found:

1. Outdated Firefox. The version is ancient and the user still uses it.
2. Lots of plug-ins and extensions and most of them are unknown.
3. Outdated OS (It only happened in Ubuntu). We could not update the browser separately. We were being forced to update the OS.

Users didn’t know about crash reports as well.

As it was just a booth, we tried to solve most of their problems just by installing the latest version of Firefox. Some plug-ins could not be deactivated, as they have been installed by other softwares. With the consent of the user, we uninstalled some of the softwares (unknown, of course) that has been installed in the system.

It seemed like the problems were solved. Still, we told them to give feedback, and then I will update the article with those information. We also took pictures of the event. I will update with them as well.

Thanks to our honorable faculty advisor Shamsul Kaonain sir for cheering us up at the end of the event. Some members of BRAC University Firefox Club, Fahia Nasnin, Nafiur Rahman, Abdullah Umar Nasib, Fazle Rabby, Hasna Hena, Shaily Roy, who are also actively contributing in Mozilla, worked really hard throughout the day. BRAC University Computer Club, specially Monirujjaman Moon and Leonard Michael, gave us amazing administrative support to execute the event properly. And a big thanks to Mozilla Support community of Bangladesh for coming up with innovative ideas to make the Firefox and users come closer, every time.

Signing off for now. As promised earlier, the article will be updated soon.


Everyone who took help from us, is using Firefox without any problem till now, except that Ubuntu user.

Pranjal Chakraborty
Lead, BRAC University Firefox Club