On February 5, 2016, Mozilla QA Community in Bangladesh organised an onsite QA sprint at Daffodil University, Dhaka. Bunch of active contributor was there, along with lots of newbies. From last couple of months, QA community of Bangladesh has been doing some extraordinary jobs, thanks to super energetic Hossain Al Ikram bhai.

The event started at 10 am and ran till 4 pm. The event was divided in two parts, where the first part was open for all and the second part was for the core and active contributors. The whole program was conducted by Hossain Al Ikram. On the first part, everyone was doing the tests, whereas in the later part, the core contributors were instructed to setup their necessary profiles and accounts in Github, MozillaWiki etc for further and next stage contribution.

Although I am contributing in SuMo pathway, I was always interested how QA community works, as most of the contributors (specially new contributors) of my club are involved with QA. Thanks again to Ikram bhai for inviting me over. I also met Noor bhai there, which was exciting for me, as he always mentors me to do better in SuMo.

And all of us was recognized, yay !

And here we are, the BRACU people!